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Product Model:NB800A

Product Description: 

  • 220V -240V 50/60Hz, 800W; Heating Power 1000W;
  • Glass jar, 1.75L for cold drink and 1.4L for hot drink, BPA Free;
  • 6-fold blade, the blade holder can be detachable, very easy to clean;
  • Double safey Lock, auto safety shut-off setting between the cover and jar, more safety;
  • Compound heating plate on the base, whole jar accessories are diswasher safe;
  • Extraordinary OLED display, look more technical and high-end level:
  • 10 speeds: 6000RPM, 8000RPM, 10000RPM, 12000RPM, 15000RPM, 18000RPM, 20000RPM, 21000RPM, 22000RPM, 23000RPM;
  • Six preset functions(Juice, Grains, Chunky Soup, Smooth Soup, Sorbet, Heating). In the Heating mode, there are 3 temperature range;
  • Knob with hollow encoder, can adjust function mode, speed, time and temperature;
  • Protection device: over heat protection, anti-dry setting, avoid any damage;

More details

Fine material , heating it safety

Food grade high borosilicate glasses

More details

OLED Display panel
Six preset functions

Technology sense appearance, new research and development

Here is a healthy diet for you

Seamless integrated liner

Try different flavors by DIY at any time

DIY operation: Put in the ingredients, touch the “function” button, and rotate the OLED knob(select gear and function mode), gently press OLED knob

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