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270° Flexible Handle

Handle gear positioning function, free front and rear positioning

300ml/400ml/500ml Food Jar – Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Lunch Thermos

Product Model:KHRG-803TA/TB/TC

Product Description: 

  • Capacity: 300ml/400ml/500ml
  • Interior Wall : SUS304
  • Exterior Wall : SUS201
  • Interior Lid : PP
  • Exterior Lid : SUS304
  • Bottom Pad : Silicone
  • Diameter : 8.8cm
  • Height : 15.5cm/18.2cm/20.0cm
  • Weight : 340g/360g/390g

More details

Rotating exhaust cup cover

The hot air is discharged in an orderly manner along the direction of the lid, and the lid is opened more smoothly.

More details

4-layer braising process

Vacuum technology to enhance the effect of temperature lock and warmth.

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