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Annular heating, uniform heat conduction and rapid heating

Annular heating tube conducts evenly everywhere and heats up quickly

Multifunction Electric Hot Pot Mini Noodle Cooker Non-stick Skillet Eggs Soup Cooking Pot Rice Food Steamer Pan


Product Description: 

  • Liner Material: Ceramics
  • Capacity: 1.6L
  • Power: 700W
  • Voltage: 110/120/220/240V
  • Five functions, boil, stew, steam, cook, and hot pot. You can choose the taste, five flavors new experience;
  • 1.6L capacity, one person can enjoy two best friends to eat;
  • 19cm gold caliber, the food turns over without touching your hands;
  • “Zero” embedded energy-concentrating heating element, 700W energy-concentrating life;
  • Three-dimensional increase of 50% by top steaming and bottom cooking, one cage and one pot can satisfy a variety of tastes;
  • Step-down concave structure, cooking is not discouraged;
  • Nano super grain non-stick pan coating, food is non-stick pan, delicious and healthier;
  • Thicker 3-layer inner tank, food-grade material, safe and odor-free;
  • 3 levels of cooking can be adjusted at will, 5 levels of hot pot finely adjusted to taste the delicious food;
  • The portable long handle design makes it easier to clean without water;
  • The glass transparent top cover, watching to cook, the food freshness is more accurate;
  • The 3D airflow layer is heat-insulating and anti-scalding, and the outer shell is not hot;
  • Temperature control to prevent dry burning;
  • Plug-in external power supply, easy to store when used up;

More details

Ceramic glaze liner, non-stick pan, easy to clean after meal

190mm non-stick pan liner, smooth and delicate, one touch is easy to clean

More details

Smart Microcomputer
Various preset functions

One key to start a delicious journey, making cooking easier

Seamless integrated liner

Top-Quality Material

Thicker 3-layer inner tank, food-grade material, safe and odor-free;The glass transparent top cover, watching to cook, the food freshness is more accurate;

Technical Parameters

Product name Multi-purpose pot
Shape Cylindrical
Voltage 110V/120V/220V/Customized
Display Panel LED Digital Screen
Top Cover Glass
Inner Pot Ceramic glaze
Power supply Plug-in external power
Certifications CE/CB/ROHS/CCC
Capacity 1.6L
Power 700W
Color Standard/ Customized
Control Panel Touch screen
Pot Coating Non-stick coating
Optional Steamer

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