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4L Digital rice cooker IH RICE COOKER

Product Model:KHIH-40

Product Description: 

  • Capacity: 4.0L;
  • Power: 1300W;
  • Housing Material: High light PP Plastic;
  • Pot Coating: Non-stick coating;
  • Inner pot: 1.6KG iron kettle
  • Control method: Micromputer;
  • Over Heating Protection: Double Fuse;
  • Display Panel: LED Digital Screen;
  • Heating Way: Bottom Heating;

More details

Heavy weight inner pot

1.6 Kilogram Kettle Bold Enough

More details

1.6kg Pure Iron

Spherical design, make the rice evenly heated;

Seamless integrated liner

IH Three-Dimensional Heating Good technology makes rice sweeter

Using 28-round big fire coil, matching up 3D stereo heating with top cover heating technology to speed up gelatinization of rice, sugar and mutrients are released, which makes the rice sweeter and softer

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