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Three-layer purification with high-efficiency filter, allowing you to be in the middle of nature

Adopt a brand-new innovative filter, efficient sterilization, decomposition of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, blocking PM2.5, dust, hair and other particulate matter

Air disinfection machine (ECOM ROOM)EK030 PLUS

Product Model:EK-030PLUS

Product Description: 

  • CADR: 800m3/h;
  • App Area: 100㎡;
  • Voltage: 100V-240V;
  • Function: Anti-bacterial ,Deodorant, Disinfectant, Removing , Formaldehyde, Removing PM2.5, Humidification;
  • Extra-large display, show all kinds of data;
  • With 8 fans built-in, CADR is 800m3/h. The wind go in from the front and back side, which will reduce the air convection time;
  • H13 Hepa filter with Nano Platinum;
  • Washable Nylon Pre-filter;
  • Large capacity slow release ClO₂ gas generator, 360 degrees without dead space to eliminate bacteria and deodorize on off state;

More details

Intelligent digital display of air quality

Real-time monitoring of air quality, automatic adjustment of purification intensity

More details

Smart APP control

Realize remote intelligent linkage, operate it at anywhere

Technical Parameters

Product name Air Purifier
Shape Square
Voltage 110V/120V/220V/Customized
Display Panel LED Digital Screen
Power 65W
CADR 870 m³/h (for Particle)
CCM of Solid pollutants Greater than 10000 P4
CCM of gaseous pollutants Greater than 1500 F4
Applicable area 61-104 ㎡
Noise Maximun 68dB, minimun 35dB
Color Standard/ Customized
Control Panel Touch screen
Wifi function Yes
PM2.5 display Yes

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